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We drive innovative discussions on

Product strategy 

Culture, company performance, and goal-setting

Market strategy and growth

Prioritizing initiatives and allocating resources

Governance and top talent

Mist Over Skyscrapers



What will drive our next stage of growth?

your next stage of growth

We can work across your enterprise -- with engineering to sales -- to define and help your organization align on the killer product and business model ideas to drive your next horizon of growth.

What does our future org need to look like-- and how do we build the great team we need?

your future org

We bring expertise and tools that can help help you to define the structure, culture, and skills and roles needed for the future, and define the actions necessary to get you there.

How do we get better (not just more) data and insight?  

better data & insight

We specialize in helping organizations to upgrade their analytics and data-- the quality not the quantity-- to support sharper insights and leadership decision-making.

How do we prioritize critical vs. nice-to-haves?

your critical priorities

We bring business analysis and facilitation expertise that help you clarify, size, sort, and rank your most impactful initiatives/areas of focus with clear view of the size of the prize, the implementation challenges/ risks, and the time and resources required to achieve success.

Where is our market headed, &

how do we shape it to our advantage?  

shaping Your market

We help executive teams work together using advanced interactive models and simulations to understand the true dynamics of your marketplace and what it would take to shift and secure market position.


the plan & what’s step one?

our plan

Using a suite of tools, we help busy executives produce high quality implementation plans. We help you clarify high-level actions and milestones, create budgets, move resources, clarify leadership and decision-making, and select the appropriate metrics for guiding progress.

How do we get more leadership focus

& bandwidth

on the important stuff?

your leadership bandwidth

Using proprietary organizational diagnostic tools, we can help top teams see what’s keeping people up at night, and build urgency, focus and consensus within the top team. We also help leadership teams and individual leaders improve time management and lead more effectively.

How do we get more efficient?

our more efficient org

We have deep expertise helping organizations optimize operations-- everything from customer service call centers to manufacturing lines.  We can help you with rapid diagnostics to identify and implement changes that will make you more cost efficient, raise customer satisfaction, and increase employee engagement.


Tim Gallagher
Emily Howe

Strategy. Organizational performance. 

New paths to growth.

Change. Leadership.  

Getting "unstuck."

Tim helps executives and Boards of corporations and public institutions including Fortune 100 companies, universities, governments, private equity firms, not-for-profits, and successful early-stage companies to create strategies and build operational capabilities. 


He has done projects across a wide range of industries including airlines, business services, electronics, consumer products, and manufacturing.


Tim brings an active and collaborative problem-solving approach to the most difficult strategic and organizational questions facing today’s leaders.


Formerly, Tim was a Partner with McKinsey & Company, and was a member of McKinsey’s Strategy and High Technology practices. 


Tim holds undergraduate and MBA degrees from Stanford University. 

For 15+ years, Emily Howe has lead change management, user adoption, and strategic communications efforts.

Emily has served public and private universities, nonprofit and arts organizations, philanthropic groups, large international companies, government entities, and individuals.

Additionally, Emily has a particular skill in helping clients initiate and re-strategize culture change efforts.​

Emily received her MA degree in Gender/Cultural Studies from Simmons College. 


Emily is Prosci certified in change management and is a member of the Association of Change Management Professionals. 


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